Psychic Readings & Time Frames

Psychic Readings & Time Frames


I always feel sad when people tell me that they’ve seen many psychics and had many readings and that nothing they were told has transpired. Even worse are those who report that things sadly went very badly, nothing happened as it was ‘meant to’ happen. It le

  • Why do readers predict that things will happen, and seem so sure of it, and then they don’t…
  • A psychic told me that X was going to happen on X date (e.g. my boyfriend was going to propose on New Years Eve) and it didn’t happen… now I am worried it never will.
  • I’ve seen so many different readers and they have all told me different time frames for things. I’m so confused. Why is this happening, it does not make any sense?

These questions come from a place of pain, frustration and disappointment. I hate seeing people in this state, and hope that the following “explanation” may provide some help in avoiding ‘reading disappointment’. So, when you next have a reading, keep in mind the following concepts:

Concept One – Time is not Linear

  • The place that spiritual (psychic) information comes from does not operate on a 24 hour time clock, and a 365 day calendar year like we do. Spirit does not go around wearing a watch, checking alarms, marking off the calendar, or scheduling appointments like we do. Time for them is not linear like it is for us.

    The passing of time does not bear on them. Time seems to be circular for them… and (head spinningly) confusingly –  time doesn’t seem to ‘end’. It can always be revisited. It is like time/life is a spiral staircase that is never-ending, and if you wish to back track or revisit another period (spiral in the staircase) you can do so…. everything is continually happening. So really when a psychic is trying to work out ‘when’ something is happening they are doing their best to interpret what they are ‘getting’ (spiral staircase), rather than being given a clear and unequivocal answer.
    Yes its true that psychics sometimes get dates given to them – but this is not something that happens frequently… we usually don’t get dates.

Concept Two – Your choices dictate your future

  • When you have a reading, you are being given insight into what is showing up for you in the future based on you continuing to live your life in exactly the way you were doing, and would have continued to do, had you never had your reading.

    If, after your reading, you decide to change your whole life  – then your ‘future’ changes too.This is what psychics mean when they come out with that incredibly frustrating stuff about free will and things not being set in stone. Free-will does have a role in everything it’s not just some rubbish that we come up with to provide an excuse for things not happenings as they were predicted.

    In a nutshell if you decide to behave differently because of what was shared in your reading, then your future too will change. That is free will and that is how it affects things. It does not make your reading incorrect, it means you paid attention to it and changed your path as a result of what was shared… thereby creating different outcomes.

Concept Three – Advice – you need to follow it

  • Advice is another game changer. A lot of times people want to know what they can do to repair a relationship or bring something or someone into their life. Advice is asked for from spirit, and the outcomes that you are given by them, are based on you following the advice that was given. If you don’t follow the advice – either because you find it too difficult, or it just goes against your belief’s or feelings, do not expect the outcomes that were predicted for you.So, if you ask for advice; and are attached to the outcomes that advice brings, then you need to follow it. It might sound harsh, but if no contact is advised – and you make contact, then you’ve not followed the advice!

Concept Four – Shit Happens

  • Delays do occur, as unfortunately accidents do happen. You may have done everything you needed to (or not done everything you needed to) and be on the right path for getting what you’re wanting… but due to the free will actions of others, things are knocked off course.

    It doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get what you want. It does mean things are going to be delayed, and that the events need to line up again. For example, you were meant to reconnect with your boyfriend and that event that just got cancelled… and now you’re thinking you’ll never get to see him again. Not true. Things will come together again for you, it just requires you to allow a bit of flexibility in order for it to happen.

Concept Five – Feelings and Intentions

  • The feelings and intentions of others are very frequently asked after in readings. Many people want to know what is going through another person’s head, what is in their heart , how they are feeling, their intentions are and so forth. Readers  provide amazingly detailed and accurate information when asked these type of questions. But, do keep in mind that this information is not a set of predictions. It is the thoughts and feelings that another person is having. It is valuable and gives great insight ,the information is often validated too by the person in question as they talk about their feelings and experiences… which is great. But don’t take this information as predictive of the actions a person will take – you must remember that you asked for thoughts and feelings, that is what you’re being given.

    If this type of information is confusing to you , it is best to keep your questions limited to what ‘is going to happen’, ‘what will they do’ … I advise my clients that unless the thoughts of the person will help them – such as in understanding the others point of view in an argument or why they feel so strongly about something, it is best to steer clear of them.

    For example, knowing that today your ex boyfriend misses you deeply , is really not going to provide you any real help or comfort as it doesn’t mean that you can expect anything from him. On the other hand, knowing that your boyfriend, goes absolutely mental about smoking because he lost someone, or is terribly afraid of losing someone due to deep fears about cancer does shed light on his behaviour.

    So think about what you’re going to ask and what information can help you … and if your reader tells you that they can’t give you exact timing – don’t pressure them. It won’t help them be more accurate, it will just make them feel like they have to come up with something for you to appease you… and in the end that is not going to help you.

Next time you have a reading, ask empowering questions.

  • Instead of: When will I get the job I really want? Ask: What do I need to do now to ensure I’ll have a job I love within the next year?
  • Instead of: When will I meet Mr. Right? Ask: What beliefs are currently preventing me from having the relationship I desire, and what beliefs can I adopt that would help me manifest a great relationship soon?
  • Instead of: When am I going to die? Ask: If I continue with my current way of eating, will it cause any significant health problems down the road?
  • Instead of: When will I be able to hear my guides? Ask: How can I adjust my methods so I can hear my guides more clearly and more often?
  • Basically, what I’m trying to say is to take “time” predictions with a grain of salt. Use the information and the estimate to determine if you want to go faster towards a goal or if you want to put on the brakes entirely and head off in a new direction. You are not locked onto one path. Your future is yours …


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Are you Psychic?

Are you Psychic?

What we recognise today as being ”psychic” or having ‘psychic ability’ is really just a referral to the degree of skill or ‘ease’ with which some people are able to access or make a spiritual connection.

Basically the core of all spiritual connection is in working with energy – being able to understand it and channel it.

Intuitive information is always energetic. You might receive it most clearly as a ‘vision’, a ‘gut feeling’, a ‘spoken word’ or ‘sound’ or even a ‘smell’ or an emotional experience such as ‘déjà vu’.

Everyone is able to pick up on it, some people just make it seem a lot easier than others. This is either because it comes to them ‘naturally’ or they have spent a great deal of time developing their ability to connect.are you psychic

Medium – ability to communicate with Spirits:

  • Hearing your name called, but no one is there
  • Sudden chills, even though there is no source of cold air
  • A very, very dry throat that comes on all of a sudden frequently making you cough, which then passes as suddenly as it came on. (it’s a bit like your mouth has all of a sudden gone bone dry)
  • Goose pimples or bumps breaking out without cause though if you pay attention to this you will start to see that it occurs in a way that seems to affirm internal questions or ideas… it almost seems the equivalent of a ‘spiritual’ pat on the back
  • Very strong smells that seem to invade your senses from nowhere; these smells could be either pleasant or unpleasant and you will be the only one smelling it
  • Experiencing extreme emotions with little to no external stimuli
  • Seeing energy/orbs floating through the air
  • Strong desires for things you don’t understand – like an urge to go somewhere (beach, countryside, airport, train depot, truck or ship yard) or visit a particular place (specific address, particular cemetery site, seemingly random spot or plot of land) , or take part in an activity that you actually have no interest in

Clairvoyant – signs of being psychic or intuitive, having clairvoyant ability:

  • Visions that make no sense to you – like watching a snippet of a movie. coming unbidden, containing information that you have not seen before
  • Dreams where information is being shared with you that was previously unknown
  • Images and symbols flashing through your mind
  • ”Knowing” although you don’t know, the answer to questions, or the outcome of situations
  • Knowing another person’s thoughts or feelings instinctively
  • Hearing conversations, or voices; almost like you’ve suddenly tuned into a radio station
  • Feeling the physical symptoms of another person – you may experience extreme pain, indigestion, headaches, allergy symptoms, and so forth. This passes as you are not suffering from any of these issues yourself.
  • Your ‘internal dialogue’ making no sense to you, or introducing you to new ideas, strange words, and concepts
  • Seeing ‘different time’s’ or periods in history
  • Flashback experiences that do not involve you
  • Very vivid dreams
  • very strong (sickening, upsetting, strange) gut reactions to things
  • knowing ahead of time, and with a sense of certainty, that something is going to happen

We should all make the most of our psychic and intuitive abilities. Spirituality is an important factor in mental and emotional health and brings a great sense of purpose and meaning to those that put effort into developing this area of their lives. The benefits also include stress relief, acceptance and appreciation of life circumstances and an inner resilience and tolerance that is often absent in people we encounter in fast paced societies.

Use meditation to focus in on and develop your spirituality and awareness. The more you feel and work on your union with ‘creator’ and your sense of being a part of a universal connection the greater your ability in all the other areas and related disciplines will be.

For more on working with your psychic ability: click here Divination or go to

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Strengthen Your Psychic Ability

Strengthen Your Psychic Ability

Moments of insight, flashes of understanding and intuitive perception seem to come when you least expect them to. All of a sudden you have a surreal moment of insight and your perception is illuminated. I’m talking about those ‘aha aaa’ moments,  where everything now makes sense to you. Under this umbrella also fall the ‘gut’ feelings or intuitions that we all get, strong (weird) urges to avoid particular circumstances or situations, sudden desires or ‘needs’ to see or connect with loved ones, and so forth.­­­

The way these moments of intelligence flash thru our consciousness unbidden,  can make us feel that this source of intelligence is  beyond our human ability to control and, or understand. This is not the case though, it’s just that as a society we do not place a focus on developing this area in the mainstream. Remember though; we are all spiritual beings, and every one of us has the ability to connect to spirit, develop our connection to ‘creator’ and strengthen our intuitive gifts.

Whilst there are many methods and techniques for developing each and every aspect of your spirituality,  I will only refer to those that I know, through personal experience, do work, and are also accessible to all. Following is one of the most straightforward and simple ways to do so – everyone will be capable of this, and there is no need for any financial outlay. The absolute best way I have found to switch on my intuition, is by asking questions and ‘feeling’ for answers.

I go somewhere quiet by myself and I start asking questions and noting the answers and feelings I get when I ask them. For example; “what am I picking up on that is making me feel so anxious or worried today?” , “What can I do to bring myself peace of mind today/ this week?” “How can I create fun/harmony/co-operation at home and minimise tensions?”Develop: Psychic Ability - Strengthen your intuitive and psychic gifts with this simple exercise

“What 3 things are bothering my daughter/husband/best-friend right now?” “What can I do, say, or affirm for this person that will help them and increase their sense of happiness?” “Spending time with which people will be the most rewarding for me?”, and so forth.

Pay attention to any images, feelings, inner whispers, “aha” moments, or dreams that come later during the week. These are most easily recognisable signs that you are directing your focus successfully and that you are receiving ‘answers’ to your questions. For some this process of quiet or meditative thought is challenging. To assist you in remaining focused you might want to have your questions written out in front of you so that you can look at them whilst ‘asking’ about them. You might find it grounding to hold an item that is symbolic to you of your spirituality. A crystal, an object belonging to the person you’ve got concerns over, a candle to centre your view upon, or something that allows you a sense of comfort or security from its touch.

It is best to keep a diary and record your experiences. It is fine to be brief, but do record the ‘questions’ you’ve asked and how you felt as you put them forth to spirit. During the days that follow note down your residual feelings and how each of the situations you ‘asked’ about have developed and what insight or senses you’ve had regarding them. After a few weeks you will have captured your initial dialogue with spirit and it will be a meaningful document for you to reflect upon in the development of your intuitive abilities and your connection to your spirit guides.


Develop your Psychic Ability

Develop your Psychic Ability

People frequently ask me “Can I develop my own Intuitive Abilities?” and, “How can I develop my Intuition?”

Everybody has intuitive gifts, and more and more people are wanting to learn to tap into that side of themselves. There’s no magical answer though, because its like every other discipline out there… practice and practice and practice.

Obviously, there are many ways to do practice using your intuition but here is what I find works for me.

I do many readings a day, and I often wonder about my clients, whether their readings have happened yet, or whether things have unfolded as we thought they would. I often have to wait 6 or 12 months, in between seeing my clients before I can find out how their reading unfolded. I am always looking forward to feedback though, and when I get it, I make sure to look at the strengths and weaknesses of what was presented. Looking at how things unfolded, in comparison to how you ‘saw’ them, is the best way to hone your skills, and make sure you are asking spirit all the questions you need to on behalf of your client. Being a good Intuitive or Psychic is not just about your connection to Spirit. It’s also about being a good detective and asking the right questions. If you don’t ask for the right information, you may not get it. It’s the main distinction between a good and a great reading or reader.happy , picking up the vibes

Of course there are other ways to develop your skills too. I have taken to predicting things in my own life and that of my families. A lot of the time I do it out of my own sense of personal impatience!! I want to know when my parcel is coming and how long things will take and so forth. It also gives me faith in myself when things unfold as I expected, and shows me what I need to pay attention to as well.

So here are the things I do to check on my accuracy and ability:

One thing I do is to make a full description of a new person I am going to meet, before I meet them. For example, I needed to pick up a top that I had ”won” on eBay from a girl I had never met before. Prior to going to meet her, I sat down and tried to describe her. I looked at her hair and saw it was frizzy, I saw her figure as curvy and her smile as beaming, and her skin as freckled. I tried to see who she was living with and what type of personality she had. When I went to meet her I was really astounded to see that she fit my description so well.

I will note down in advance of attending an event, my reading/expectation of how it will go. Then after I have attended that event I will compare my experience to my notes. When I’m doing this exercise I always ask to be shown, unexpected events or issues – someone tripping, food being served late, anything of that nature, which tells you – you’re really picking up ‘special information’.

Many people pull a ‘card’ for themselves every morning and make predictions for themselves based on this single card. This is a great method and if it works for you I recommend it highly. I tend to take a more intuitive approach to card reading and look for a ‘story’ to jump out at me. This means that I gravitate towards using at least several cards, as for me so much of a card’s meaning is given to it by its neighbour. I like the idea of reading your cards, using them for meditation purposes, and also for recording your personal insights based upon what you see in them. The Tarot is a great tool for harnessing your intuition, connecting to spirit, and its also deeply fascinating. There is definitely magic in the cards.

I regularly focus on my children and write down what I expect them to be like when I pick them up after school and try to predict any issues that they will have had during their day… same with the husbie…

Sometimes I look for medical issues for my family – colds, flu’s , and predict days home a month in advance and write them on my calendar…. this is actually pretty cool, I never book appointments on the days that I’ve predicted I will have sickies at home. Any exercise that focuses your mind and puts you in touch with your intuition and feelings is great, just remember to also make a note of your experience, these notes really do help you, they teach you how your guides communicate and how to interpret their messages. The more you practice, the better you will become and the easier it will be for you to tune in.

What do you to keep your connection strong and harness your focus and intuition? I’m writing this post hoping that people will want to share. My goal is really to get back to daily meditating which I have found to be the best thing ever, yet at the same time seem to find so hard to make time for!!! With 3 kids and 2 dogs around there is not a lot of quiet time, and I often find that when there is, I fall asleep – but that’s my challenge – meditation …. what about you?

If anyone is interested in more information on this I am happy to put a guide together for you… just not sure if the interest is out there? Let me know!

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Crossing Over

Crossing Over

When the time comes to leave this life most of us cross over uneventfully to the other side. We are drawn to it… a place of warmth and love where familiar faces welcome us.

There are some people though who struggle to make the ‘crossing’ . They remain here in this realm with us, living in limbo, until they finally transition. For some this is mishap, they are ‘lost’ or unsure of what they’re supposed to be doing. For other’s it’s a choice they make to remain here as they do not feel ready to leave and will continue living amongst us. It is quite common to encounter spiritual entities amongst us and most people will experience being in the presence of a spirit (or ghost) a number of times.

You may wish to help a spirit like this cross to the other side, and it’s really something that just about everyone can safely do. Think about the spirit, set your mind to focus on them. As you reach out to them, know this – they hear you. You may not hear/feel their response, but they hear and feel and see you. The connection is real and therefore you can help them.

crossing over, the other side, spirits, death, ghosts,

Show them a window or gateway through which a golden light shines. Tell them to listen carefully and that small voices can be heard softly through this window.  Point to the window and ask them to look at it carefully… Tell them that the faces of their loved ones are in the window … and ask them who they see there.

Then tell them to hold up their hand and reach out to the window. Tell them to step forward and to feel a breeze behind them on their backs.. This breeze is warm and it is lifting them forwards and onwards and they should allow it to continue to encouraging them forwards to the window and the light and faces within it. Explain to them that a new life begins with this crossing. That nothing shall hurt them again and the past will be healed. All is well as they move forward into that golden light. Be patient and kind and guide them with love only… it is a very wonderful experience to assist in.

When the spirit has crossed through, you must make sure to shut the window. Make Sure!!! Double check that your window is shut and locked and then with your mind focused ‘dissolve the window into the darkness’. It must cease to exist. Do not forget this, do not rush this. You can have terrible, terrible trouble if you forget to shut the window.

This is intended for use with benign, non problematic spirits only. More is to come on dealing with the darker energies…

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Messages from Spirit

Messages from Spirit



One of the most important experiences I’ve had as a Medium was when my Grandmother came to me and explained she was crossing over.  My  She told me not to feel guilty or sad, that she understood everything.  She wanted me to be happy for her in finding her ‘peace’. This visitation meant so much to me. As a result of her message, I was able to cope with her passing much more calmly than I could ever have imagined.

[row] [half] I had a sense of acceptance about her passing, and was able to feel happy for her, not just sad about losing her.  Messages from the other side, like the one from my Grandmother, bring great reassurance and comfort, and that’s why Mediumship is such wonderful work to do.  Messages from the other side give a sense of love and hope to those who have been left behind.  This is what, in my mind at least, mediumship is about, connecting people. Allowing them to see that life is an eternal circle. [/half][/row]

[row][half]We do not die, we simply pass to another realm. We never lose our loved ones for long, they are there to welcome us as we in turn cross over too [/half][/row]



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Interpreting spiritual messages

Interpreting spiritual messages

I have a deep love of the Tarot and often refer to the cards for insight on the messages I receive from Spirit. I always find an extra layer of depth in the tarot. For me the cards are a tool that help me to understand what I am ‘getting’. I also refer to them for quick information and answers in my every day life.

Recently, I have been asking my cards a question to which they were showing me an answer that made no sense. The answer was always followed by The Magician…. which quite frankly began to give me major irritation. It felt to me like they were saying, we’re not answering you, your question isn’t worthwhile. I was thinking – wow, is that because this isn’t a spiritual enough question? This deck of cards certainly has a bad attitude. Why won’t they answer; are they on strike? don’t they like me anymore? have they been possessed? Seriously, I was really, really bothered by it, and kept asking new decks the same question and ultimately felt like I could not have faith in cards anymore. This went on for more than a month.

Now that my life experience has provided me the answer to the question I was asking my cards, I realise that The Magician was actually the perfect answer. The Magician was saying to me, everything is waiting for you, you must act, use your abilities, pick up your tools. This needs to be in your hands, and nothing can happen until you take action. But seriously – I didn’t see it. I was Googling what to do about misbehaving decks of cards, what reasons cards have for refusing to answer and so on and so forth.

The reason I’m posting this is that I often remind my clients that the answers spirit gives us may not be straightforward or make immediate sense. It’s often pointed out that the answer seems plain wrong. But we cannot discount spirit’s answers so easily.  Often it is not until time passes that we realise how accurate and meaningful the answer we received was. It just isn’t always immediately accessible, and it may very well be an answer that requires action on the querent’s behalf – so not just a ‘simple’ answer, but an instruction. What to do to find the answer we seek.

The lesson here is that spirit won’t lead us astray. But we must invest ourselves in understanding what we receive. Not just rely upon it to be a simple fix answer or cure to the situation we are facing. Spirit guides us and provides accurate insight. The focus for us needs on asking the ‘right questions’ and working with the answers we are given until we understand or see the meaning within them. Asking the same question repeatedly is not the way to gain clarity, it will just confuse and frustrate you. The answer you were given is the right one, you just need to work through it.

… (or considering exorcisms on misbehaving Tarot decks) …. xxx

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Connect to your Spirit Guides

Connect to your Spirit Guides

I was going through some notes when I came across a list of questions that I had written out to ‘ask’ my guides. These were personal questions and I will share them below as they provided great insight for me, and I think they would for anyone who sincerely focused on them too. I wanted to explore what was holding me back, what were my fears and what were my blockages.

See, I believe that when you connect with spirit, you are very quickly confronted by personal fears. Spirit presents them to you in myriad ways and they keep them coming until you finally do ‘deal’ with them. For example, childhood issues, sadness, habitual problematic behavoiur and so on… spirit wants you to ‘see’ and deal with you as a first priority. They are showing you your ‘issues’ to help you face them, and this really is one of the first tasks on your spiritual journey.

So basically, you have to address your personal fears and find self acceptance before you will be able to do any other significant work with spirit. And when you think about it, it really does make sense. In truth, your intuition, or psychic ability is there to inform your connection with creator, ‘god’ , or the universe. Being ‘psychic’ is not about knowing secrets or hearing the thoughts of others, it is about connecting to creator and through that source of love and enlightenment, then being able to help others. You have to ‘fix’ yourself first, before you can really be much good to anyone else.

Now, to this end, I sat down with my list of questions and meditated on them. I did not know what to expect at all however it was a really lovely and powerful experience and I think everyone could benefit from it.

So, in case this appeals to you, I’ve written down the questions I had written down and meditated on, and I really urge you to give it a try. Get yourself into a meditative state or trance, and then ask your guides these questions, requesting that they answer you and provide the insight and guidance you need. Note down the answers as you receive them. It is okay to do this one question per day, or all at one time – however best suits you:

  1. To reveal to you your greatest fears
  2. How you can overcome your fears
  3. To reveal to you the way(s) you sabotage yourself
  4. To reveal to you your true feelings/opinion about yourself
  5. To reveal to you their perception of you and how they feel about you
  6. to reveal to you what you truly want from life
  7. To reveal to you the things that make you happy/let you experience joy
  8. To reveal to you the masks you hide behind
  9. What you need to do to become transparent and self aware
  10. To reveal to you how you view you love, and what love has ‘cost’ you
  11. To reveal to you how you must overcome the negatives that you associate with love and relationship

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